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Mission: To entertain & inspire while sharing our love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through kindness and generosity

Southern Lights tears down the barrier between secular and Christian music with a new genre we like to call "God Rock"! Every member of the band was impacted by music growing up and Southern Lights is a blend of our collective influences. Everything from classic rock and grungy Seattle expressions to an in-your-face mix of all the heavier bands we love!

Now you know our mission and influences, let's talk about our goal...
What we aim to do is change the world by giving more than we get. We want to make money just like the largest mainstream artists are getting paid. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars per show, but we want to give it away. Southern Lights is a partner of Band of Brothers Ministries, an organization dedicated to serving families in need. Southern Lights donates 60% of show profits to the Band of Brothers Ministries so their ministry may be sustained by the gifts and talents given by God to each of the band members.


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